Safety Protocol

Every morning before work, all employees are required to take their temperature, wash their hands, and use sanitizer throughout the entire day.

1. We are using every PPE item recommended for our industry on a daily basis. This Includes:

2. Gloves

3. Masks

4. Shoe covers

5. Clean uniforms every day

  • During cleanings, we will be using a brand new product line. These new cleaning items are all EPA-grade materials perfect for disinfecting.
  • To maintain social-distancing, we are asking clients to please congregate in a room separate from where our employees are cleaning. (If they are in the home during the cleaning) This helps keep everyone safe and protected.

If you would like to resume services again feel free to contact us at any time! Please call 508-296-6633 or send us an email. We are available for any questions you have. Thank you and stay safe!